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Digital Marketing Strategy Dubai

In the current scenario, all businesses are becoming close-knit and are moving towards a more sustainable means of marketing and advertising. With the world growing digital day by day, the importance of digital marketing is evident, and thus it urges companies and businesses to start investing in it. 

Having a strong digital marketing strategy for your brand is critical since it leverages your brand’s reputation, brand awareness and maximizes the visibility of your products or services to your targeted customers when they search for any related keywords. Even the established marketers have agreed to the fact that the way you present your brand online is equivalent to the first meeting with your targeted audience. Every customer will conduct thorough research on a product or service before they commit to any action, so creating a strong and fruitful digital marketing strategy for your business will aid you to increase your conversion rates.

Build Email-List

One of the topmost ways to your businesses’ digital marketing strategy is through email-list. Developing an email list empowers you to get engaged with your current as well as potential customers regularly. 

To develop an effective email-list 

  • Create a gated content that users have to sign-up to receive. 
  • You can make use of call – to -action (CTA) on your website and social media pages to promote your email newsletter. 
  • Newsletters enable you to collect the emails of the lead. Thus, you can figure out your leads and customers who are interested in your content.
  • Use certain tools in your Content Management System (CMS) to generate forms, slide-in CTAs, etc.

Master SEO 

The primary step towards building a strong online presence is by mastering your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by optimizing your content to rank high in the search engine result pages (SERP). If you own a well-defined website with great functionalities and features, but with a poor SEO strategy, your targeted customers will never find your website online, thus your conversion rate will decline drastically. Therefore, SEO is an effective digital marketing strategy that would escalate the website’s visibility, improve traffic and boost conversion rate. The method is cost-effective with a great positive impact. 

Strong Social Media Presence

Social media delivers a strong online platform for you to excel in your business growth. In the current scenario, social media is an influential tool for reaching your target audience globally. Being active on your social media platforms will enable you to build trust among your existing customers and prospective clients.

Personify brand 

Recent discoveries in research have found that personifying a brand and giving well-defined human qualities to it will enable people to connect better with the company. 

What do you mean by personifying brand? Brand personification is a technique where humans think about brands as another human, and describe how they think and feel. By personifying your brand, you can appeal to your targeted demographic, staying faithful to your vision and mission.

Be competitive

If you need to build a strong online presence, you must be competitive in your niche. Keep an eye on your competitors, i.e. you must monitor their strategies to figure out what’s working and what is not among your captive audience. Researching your competitors will give you ideas on content and strategies. You also get an insight into the techniques experimented by your competitors, and the one you need to import to stay unique.

Show up where your audience is

As we have discussed above, to show up online, you must figure out where your target audience is. You must be specific about the platform you are considering. For example: In case if your prospects are available only on Facebook, rather than spending your valuable time on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc, focus more on promoting your business via Facebook. If you possess an exceptional skill to show up where your target audience is, then you can build a strong digital marketing strategy that would leverage your business.

In short, building strong marketing strategies for your business is a daunting task, and it requires lot of effort to get it accomplished. Once you succeed in establishing your online presence, it will pay off with increased sales and brand awareness in your industry. 

Therefore, our digital marketing agency in Dubai can guide you to build successful, customized and innovative digital marketing strategies that can help uplift the online presence or increase brand awareness of any business, big or small. 

blog Digital Marketing

Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Trends in digital marketing keep evolving. With 2020 coming in, what does the industry have in store? Let’s explore the key digital marketing trends that are likely to dominate 2020.

Shoppable posts

For quite some time, business houses were looking for a tool, which would channelize their social media followers to their online stores. Shoppable posts on social media enable the audience to purchase the offerings on the online portals. This mechanism involves a system that enables them to purchase products through social media advertisements or posts directly. Therefore, the customers need not leave the app or site. When you collaborate with a reputed digital marketing agency in Dubai, the professionals will help you integrate this technique into your strategy.

Direct messaging

Brands, in an attempt to establish a greater degree of engagement with the customers, are taking to DMs. Direct messaging results in a greater personal attachment between the brand and its customers. In 2020, this trend is likely to become popular across a greater number of marketers. Business firms can develop stronger bonds with customers when they interact with them directly through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Communicating through these forums, the marketers can enjoy the immediacy, and it turns out to be a favorable environment for the company. Get across to a digital marketing company Dubai to leverage your business with the latest trends in the industry.


With a rapid increase in the impact caused by the influencers over your targeted audience, many businesses regardless of their size and popularity started incorporating influencer marketing as their primary marketing strategy. For public figures with several thousand followers, it is a seamless task to make a product or service popular through a recommendation or social media posts. However, instead of high rated influencers, the importance of micro-influencers will be more trending. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses find it the best way to market their products through micro-influencers, which have been proved to be influential with its minimum sponsorships and thereby aid in maintaining a strong relationship with their followers. In short, in 2020, micro-influencers will become more efficient, since it is more cost-effective and engaging than high-rated influencers with huge followers.

Experienced professionals of a reputed digital marketing company in Dubai, can provide you with proper guidance on this latest trend that would enhance your conversion rate.

Interactive Content

Let’s start with the phrase “Content is king”. 

In the current scenario, content marketing has become a necessary factor for any modern brand. Thus, a well- defined content for your business enables you to build trust with your leads and customers, which will boost your reputation among your targeted audience. While articles, videos and other posts with valuable and informative content have marked their presence among individuals, there is a stronger inclination towards creative and interactive content like Q&As, polls, puzzles, etc, which opens a huge platform for interactions. Thus, in 2020, the relevance of interactive web content is expected to rise drastically than in previous years.

For more details about the importance of interactive content and techniques to drive more audience to your business, collaborate with a digital marketing agency in Dubai and scale up your business. 

Other popular digital marketing trends for 2020 include programmatic advertisements, sentiment analysis, visual search and niche or alternative social media channels, etc. Lets see if 2020 be the year with more innovative market trends that would leverage your business to great heights.